Uniden Scanners

Fera Comm will program the listed Scanners by either Remote Programming, Software Download or SD Card Programming:

  • SDS200
  • SDS100
  • BCD996P2
  • BCD325P2
  • BCD536HP
  • BCD436HP
  • HomePatrol-2
  • HomePatrol-1
  • BCT15X
  • BC346XT
  • BCD996XT
  • BCD396XT
  • BR330T
  • BCT15
  • BCD996T
  • BCD396T
  • UBC3500XLT
  • BC246T
  • SC230

All customers should have the Counties, Locations and/or Agencies they want programmed. We can lookup information for your scanner from Radio Reference, but this info can be incomplete or out of date. We will work with clients to get a satisfactory setup on their Scanner.

Uniden Scanners are very detailed in programming, please use the form below and describe exactly what you need programmed in.

There are no refunds on any labor or programming costs.